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Below you will find links to other great sources of information including some of the best forums, prototype release groups, homebrew development blogs and websites, general information sites and game specific websites. We will be adding links as we develop our website further so be sure to check back for updates!
Jaguar Sector II is the successor to the Jaguar Sector message board and the largest online Jaguar community. Discuss Jaguar games and development with original and homebrew Jaguar developers and fans of the system here!
AtariAge is The largest general Atari community on the net, encompassing all of Atari's hardware. Discuss commercial games and homebrew development related to anything Atari here.
JagWare is a forum dedicated to Jaguar discussion and development. They also double as a development consortium, so you can follow progress of some of their latest projects and directly interact with the developers of some upcoming Jaguar titles here.
Scatologic / 4Play are Responsible for some retail quality post-atari releases including Battlesphere and the Scatbox. They are the only original Atari developers who have completed and published their game after Atari abandoned support for the system.
Kelp Entertainment is the original developer and release group behind Black Ice White Noise. BIWN was an innovative and highly ambitious action game cancelled as a result of the scale of the project and swift demise of the Jaguar.
Songbird Productions is dedicated to releasing Jaguar games that were cancelled at varying stages of completion. Some releases include Soccer Kid, Robinson's Requiem, Total Carnage, Hyperforce and Skyhammer.
B&C ComputerVisions is a great source of prototypes that were bought directly off of Atari when the company was being dismantled. Some releases include Space War 2000, Barkley's Shut Up and Jam, Brett Hull Hockey and Varauna's Forces.
Jaguar Sector II has released an assortment of betas that have notable differences from their retail counterparts, as well as a few canceled games including Arena Football and Ultimate Brain Games.
Harmless Lion created the Skunkboard, the first ever homebrew flashcard for the Jaguar. They have also assisted other release groups and released a few demos.
Force Design have been around since the beginning of the homebrew dev scene, with Mad Bodies being the first of their many planned games to be released.
Starcat Development has released an assortment of projects including a mouse adapter, a development library, and some demos and mini-games. Lars is currently focusing on his point-and-click horror-themed adventure, "Eerivale."
MDGAMES has released some small, yet well polished, games at a fairly steady pace over the years. Check out their website for news on past and upcoming projects. Some releases include Clix, Reversi/Go, and most recently, Impulse X.
Storm Works Interactive were one of the first homebrew developers to work on the Jaguar after it was released to the public domain. Initially they released a Myst-style Arcana demo, then returned nearly a decade later to release Blackout. Their latest project is a port of Heretic.
Hill Software is currently developing the darkly comedic Doom mod entitled "Death Tongue." They have also released the SkunkGUI and provided assistance to other release groups.
Sinister developments released a handful of interesting demos during the early days of Jaguar homebrew development, including Asteroids and Slam Racer.
Jagware was originally a development group before opening their forum. They have published a handful of demos and mini-games in the past and have plans to release some interesting stuff in the future.
Rastersoft briefly visited the Jaguar scene to release Frog Feast, a slightly enhanced conversion of Frog Bog that was released on numerous platforms. Rastersoft announced a few other games but then abruptly abandoned development and exited the scene.
3D Stooges was another early dev on the homebrew scene, initially publishing a demo of GORF, then later the full game. Besides showing footage of some impressive 3D games that were in development, Steve also released a full 3D mini-game named Surrounded.
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