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The features section contains sample features and is in the early stages of development (consider it a placeholder!). Once we catch up on our release projects, the format will be updated and features will be added more frequently. Planned content includes internal test reports, Youtube videos, reviews, and an assortment of Jaguar related articles!
This write up of Hotdog for the Lynx was printed in Germany's longest running gaming magazine, which has over 50,000 monthly readers. Below you can view a scan of the original magazine article, as well as the original and translated text that pertains specifically to Hotdog.
Original German Text (Special German Characters Not Retained)
Eine weitere Entdeckung auf den bei ebay ersteigerten Rechnern aus dem Atari-Hauptquartier in Sunnyvale wurde im Dezember veroffentlicht: "Hot Dog," entwickelt von Lore Designs, ist ein zwischen 1993 und 1995 programmiertes, nie erschienenes jump n run mit bunter comic-grafik. Nun gelang es, das spiel mit offizieller Lizenz der Original-Entwickler unter dem Beta Phase Games label zu veroffentlichen. Obwohl voll spielbar, ist "Hot Dog" jedoch nicht ganz vollstandig: Zwar sind sechs unterschiedliche Welten vorhanden, aber es fehlen einzelne Levels und Endgegner.
English Translation (Rough Interpretation)
(Beta Phase Games) discovered another prototype on a computer that once belonged to Atari's Sunnyvale headquarters. Released in December, "Hotdog," was developed by Lore Design between 1993 and 1995. It was programmed but never published. It is a platformer with colorful comic graphics. Now Beta Phase Games has published it with an official license granted by the developers. Although fully playable, Hotdog is not complete. Six worlds are present, but only one end-of-world boss character can be found in the game.
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This graphics showcase was created to show off some of the best looking games released for the Jaguar. Every game in the Jaguar library was considered for this video, including prototype and homebrew releases.
Original Youtube Video Description
Game play footage of 11 of the best looking Atari Jaguar games: Alien VS Predator, Battlemorph, Checkered Flag, Defender 2000, Hoverstrike, Iron Soldier 2, Missile Command 3D, Rayman, Skyhammer, Tempest 2000, and Zero 5
Additional Information
Despite Atari's insistence that the Jaguar was a 64-bit console, many often claim that this is unfounded, offering conflicting interpretations of the capabilities of the Jaguar's architecture. The graphical quality of most 3D games is also compared unfavorably to expectations established by later 32-bit and 64-bit systems including the N64 and PSX. Unfortunately, as a consequence of poorly documented and buggy hardware, the sophisticated architecture of the Jaguar, rushed development schedules, small development teams, and a severe lack of funding and developer support, Atari never released a game that demonstrated what the system was capable of. This video showcases the games that come closest to realizing the Jaguar's potential.
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A preview of Toki for the Atari 7800, an unreleased game that was about 99% complete before Atari decided to abandon development for the Atari 7800. The beta is dated 1993- 2 years after the last retail game released for the 7800 and the same year that the Atari Jaguar hit retail shelves.
First Look at Toki for the 7800
Recently, we found a nearly complete version of the game on an Atari test department computer. Check out the preview for some details about the game.
Additional Information
The preview features a brief comparison to the arcade and NES version, additional details regarding the state of completion, some additional information about Atari's plan for the 7800 in 1993, the first ever batch of screenshots available of the game, and some technical information about the ROM size and chip requirements.
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