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Below is some additional information about various aspects of Beta Phase Games that you might like to know about, including how to get in touch with us, information about the site itself, and the people responsible for getting out the projects and information that we release.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please fill out the contact form below. We will respond as soon as possible.



Q: Why do Beta Phase Games / Team Jaguar exist?
A: Our priority is the discovery and release of previously unpublished Jaguar and Lynx games there were in development during the retail life of the systems. These discoveries give us a chance to play lost games that were intended to be part of the systems original library. They games had the opportunity to directly influence the success or failure of Atari Corporation, and offer additional insight into what the company's plans were at the time.
Q: Why do you sell games instead of giving them away for free?
A: We pay to acquire the games we release. Sometimes we take chances and purchase development hardware with no certainty that it contains anything of value. Selling games to recover our expenses has allowed us to continue doing what we do. In return, we also try to provide releases of a quality that would not otherwise be achieved on a one-off basis.
Q: Do we respond to feedback about the website content?
A: We do our best to ensure that the information on this site is accurate and complete. If you have reliable information to the contrary, we would be happy to make corrections or additions.
Q: It has been a long time and there has been no information about new projects. Why don't you provide updates?
A: This is a hobby for the operators and collaborators- and sometimes other matters take priority. A lack of updates does not indicate that we aren't working on anything, nor does it indicate a big announcement is forthcoming. We are responsive to community feedback and try to respond to any questions people have about titles that are out of stock, or that we have announced but haven't released yet. Please check the relevant pages of our site for information first, though!.
Although the quality of our releases would not be possible without the help of many highly productive individuals within the Atari scene, Beta Phase Games and Team Jaguar are operated by two core members who are responsible for establishing the release group, investigating potential sources of content to publish, and coordinating the release of the games. They include:
  • JimmyCDi (Jonathon)- Discoveries, analysis of discovered content, coordination, website, product packaging, Jaguar cartridge soldering and EPROM programming.
  • BuddyBuddies (Tim)- Discoveries, coordination, insane Atari collector dedicated to creating the Jagseum :-)
We have collaborated with many talented individuals to add innovative features to our products and bring discoveries to Atari fans in playable form. These individuals are some of the most productive members in the Atari community:
  • Paul Johnson- Hotdog designer and creator.
  • Steve Mitchell- Lynx engine code for Hotdog.
  • Dan Loosen- Partner in Carousel International asset acquisition.
  • Lynxman- PCB Design and soldering.
  • Nimtene- PCB Design and soldering.
  • Ninjabba (Jasper)- Lynx programming for Traffic Jam.
  • B&C Computervisions (Bruce)- Jaguar cartridge production.
  • Tursi (Mike)- ROM compilation, data analysis, skunkboard license and extensive consultation
  • Sage (Bjorn)- ROM modification and data analysis
  • Belboz (Mike)- Programmer of CDmenu ROM transfer software used for our digitally distributed games
  • Atarifan49 (Glenn)- ROM dumping, data analysis, drive backups and extensive consultation
  • Gusbucket13 (Chris)- Contributed a case history necessary to the determine the status of an unreleased game
  • Jagmod (Scott)- ROM Dumping
Additionally, some other individuals deserve special mention for making our releases better than otherwise possible:
  • Thunderbird (Douglas Engel)- Coordination of additional soldering in case of extra demand for Hotdog
  • Jaysmith2000 (Jason Smith)- Creator of Jaguar Sector II, the largest Jaguar forum online! Also a major supporter of our releases
  • 108 Stars- For sneaking news of our games into a long running mainstream German gaming magazine and helping get the word out :-)
  • Atari Community- None of this would be possible without the support and enthusiasm of the Atari communities!
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