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KA Aircars Cover
By MidNite Entertainment
Genre: Action
Price: $69.99 (Tentative)
Platform: Atari Jaguar
Rating: All Ages
Shipping Details
S&H USA $10
S&H Other $15
Available to pre-order by emailing Expected availability: 08/14/2016
Team Jaguar has recently discovered a new, enhanced, version of the original Aircars, and is making it available on cartridge with the help of B&C Computervision! This version is referred to as "KA Aircars" because it was sent to the ESRB ratings board for evaluation. KA Aircars features numerous improvements over the commercially released original. This package includes a cartridge, clamshell, full color insert, a copy of the original ICD Aircars manual and an addendum outlining the differences between the commercially released ICD version and the newly discovered KA version.
KA Aircars was sent into the ESRB during the ratings process and features additions and improvements to the commercially released version. Key features include:
  • Smaller, slicker dashboard.
  • Bigger explosions with hazardous debri.
  • More intense sound effects.
  • Day and night missions (original Aircars always takes place at night).
  • HUD displays user name (if entereD) and number of primary targets remaining.
  • Up to 8 players networked.
  • Enemy logo decal on the title screen Aircar.
Below is a gallery of screenshots demonstrating KA Aircars for the Atari Jagauar.
Below are various advertisements and other promotional material created before the game was made available for sale. Click on the image for a high resolution version of the graphic.
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